Our Mission
Our overarching mission at the Reef Discovery Center is to inspire the public to get involved, become ocean stewards, and to instill pride in the natural wonder that is Florida’s coral reef tract.

Through our coral nurseries, we will expand the regional capacity for coral husbandry and reef restoration.

Reef Discovery Center
Photos courtesy of Randy Veliky
Coral Capacity
Ongoing Projects


About Reef Discovery Center
The Reef Discovery Center will educate the public about Florida’s reefs using cutting-edge technology to restore our local corals reefs. Through coral rescue efforts, we'll create coral nurseries to replenish our reef systems.

Finally, we will host, and fund, research focused on coral health and reef restoration. The Reef Discovery Center will be the only organization in Broward County with the three core ambitions of public education, reef restoration, and marine research.


Hands On Engagement
We believe that public engagement should happen through hands-on activities that contribute to the restoration of our reefs. Reef Discovery Center volunteers will have the opportunity to care for corals and to participate in marine research that advances reef restoration practices.

Through snorkel and diving tours offered by our education partners, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the nearby reefs, up close and personal. Visitors can thus amplify and enrich their Reef Discovery Center experience without even leaving Broward County.

Help Us Protect Florida’s Coral Reefs
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Our Course of Action


What do we do?
Coral Reef Education
Coral Husbandry
Marine research, focusing on Florida stony corals
Expand and compliment partner organization coral programs and activities
Collaborate to create on shore & off shore nurseries for Florida native corals


Affiliates and Partners
What People Say
Let's team up to save the third largest coral barrier reef system in the world!
Our coral reef tract stretches from Martin County through the bottom of the Florida Keys.
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