Interactive &
Immersive Experiences
Virtual Diving Experience 01.
  • Borrowing from real-life scuba diving, the experience will begin in a briefing room, where our virtual dive master will provide background on reef habitats, the areas they are about to explore and the gear they will be using.
  • Then you will enter the dive room and be invited to put on what look like diving goggles, except these goggles will have an integrated VR headset and audio!
  • Divers will then go on a journey around the reef, with numerous prompts and interactive features to enable a memorable learning experience for all ages.
Reef & Ocean
Interactive Table
  • Following their virtual diving experience, we want to give visitors the opportunity to take in a little more detail about some of the topics relating to reef life and conservation.
  • To do this, this next space will center on a multi-user interactive table. This shared experience will focus on ocean/reef threats and their likely impacts over time.
  • Users will be able to select different threats, at different levels, to see how the combinations of these elements decrease reef health and impact the Florida coastline. Moreover, users can play with preventative measures to see what positive gains can be made over time.
  • Static panels, exhibits, and video screens will be mounted on outer walls to communicate other key content.
Living Reef Wall
  • This large format experience will bring a living reef right into the building.
  • Stretching across a large wall space and possibly also the floor, multiple visitor movements will be live tracked, allowing visitors to influence the movements of a range of colorful and exciting reef life.