Reef Futures Symposium
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Our RDC board members will make two presentations:

  1. Grassroots Community Coral Nursery Program in Southeast Florida
    Authors: Kirk W. Dotson, Stacy Brown, Erik Neugaard.
  1. Coral Castles: Protecting Polyps from Parrotfish Predation
    Authors: Kyle A. Pisano, Abigail Renegar, Kirk W. Dotson.

This premier global symposium focused solely on the interventions and actions necessary to allow coral reefs to thrive into the next century. Reef Futures is a conference of hope, action, opportunity, and diversity. Whether you are new to the field, or an experienced professional, this is the place to be if you are passionate about the field of coral reef restoration.

Taking a fresh approach to the typical scientific conference, our goal is to develop new ideas by facilitating diverse international participation and multi-disciplinary perspectives; as such, the stage will be shared with all. If you have groundbreaking research, this is the place for it; if you have a story of success (or failure), we want to hear it! We encourage submissions for talks, posters, and workshops from a variety of backgrounds and geographies inside and outside of traditional coral reef science (e.g. engineering, robotics, communications, community engagement, etc.)

Reef Futures is the only venue that brings together coral restoration practitioners, researchers, students, and resource managers from around the world to share the latest techniques, technologies, and science to dramatically scale-up the impact and reach of coral reef restoration. Whether you are a local resource manager from a small island looking to learn from seasoned hands, or a topical expert looking to make your work meaningful to a local community, Reef Futures is the place to be. Leave your sadness and despair about the state of coral reefs at the door and come help shape the future you want coral reefs to have!

The five major themes of Reef Futures 2022 are:

  • Holistic approach to coral reef restoration
  • Approaches to improve the efficiency of reef restoration
  • Ramping up larval propagation to enhance restoration efforts
  • Advancing population-management interventions
  • Building human capacity for expanding the global reach of coral reef restoration efforts


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26 Sep 2022
12:00 am - 11:30 pm
201 Ocean Reef Dr, Key Largo, FL 33037, United States
201 Ocean Reef Dr
Key Largo, FL 33037 United States
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